Configure Kiali for multicluster

In this section we will add some configuration for Kiali to start observing the remote cluster.

We will configure Kiali to access the remote cluster. This will require a secret (similar to the Istio secret) containing the credentials for Kiali to fetch information from the remote cluster:

curl -L -o

chmod +x

./ --kiali-cluster-context $CLUSTER_EAST --remote-cluster-context $CLUSTER_WEST

Finally, upgrade the installation for Kiali to pick up the secret:

kubectl config use-context $CLUSTER_EAST

helm upgrade --install --namespace istio-system --set auth.strategy=anonymous --set deployment.logger.log_level=debug --set deployment.ingress.enabled=true --repo kiali-server kiali-server

As result, we can quickly see that a new namespace appear in the Overview, the istio-system namespace from west cluster:

Kiali MC

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